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  • Lighten Up

    Lighten Up

    This is a unique moment and the power is in our hands. We are here now and this is so important. It’s our planet, our lives and our cosmic future we’re creating. Take a little time to lighten up and feel your heart, joy and freedom expand.  In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, […]

  • Creating the Future

    Creating the Future

    Each moment of your life, you are creating the future. Usually it’s not conscious. You’re thinking and taking actions that move you into the future, whether you’re aware of it or not. Then, even if you are aware of creating your future, you’re doing it from a list of things you want to get and […]

  • Be the Blessing

    Be the Blessing

    Blessings are more than good thoughts and wishes. Blessings are vibrational flows of energy that have the focus and power to uplift and enhance your life. While sometimes you say the words  “bless you” it doesn’t mean you are actually blessing someone.  Discover how to create and increase the vibrations of blessings in your life. […]

  • Love, Self-Discovery and Shopping

    Love, Self-Discovery and Shopping

    We can’t get enough love. We have to sing about it and celebrate it and tell people about our love.  Shopping is actually a journey of self discovery. When you’re shopping, you’re looking for things that enhance and complement your life. You’re looking for what you need and want based on who you are. Well, […]

  • Beauty and Magic

    Beauty and Magic

    Who are you in the beauty and magic of your life? Beauty and Magic inspire us to open to new wonders and motivate us into levels of expansion and greatness. When you see and recognize beauty, it opens your centers to appreciation and a sense of revelation in the beauty outside you and your own […]

  • Heal your Money Karma and Your Family

    Heal your Money Karma and Your Family

    When you start clearing and healing your Money Karma, you create a deep freedom that can flow through you and uplift your life. This healing can release your family history and open new possibilities for love, wealth and creativity in your life.  Money Karma is the relationship you have with money based on your entire […]

  • Breathing Purpose

    Breathing Purpose

    Having purpose is having a sense of meaning, direction and contribution. You feel a strong sense of action to help to do good, to help in specific ways and to make a difference in our world.  You have motivation and direction that comes from your soul and being and guides you to fulfill yourself. In […]

  • Breathing Beauty

    Breathing Beauty

    You are beautiful. Do you see and know the beautiful being you are? Beauty is a magical quality that comes from within and radiates to those who can perceive it.  Lumari guides you in the Breathing Beauty Visualization to connect you with the true beauty of your soul, your being and your journey in this […]

  • Answering your call to action 2

    Answering your call to action 2

    When You have a Call to Action, your life takes on a new excitement. That’s Living Inspired. You’re moved and motivated to express your self. To bring in new inspiration you will open your self to possibilities that are aligned with your true calling.  Living Inspired is a call to action. It’s active inspiration that connects […]

  • Answering Your Call to Action 1

    Answering Your Call to Action 1

    Are you inspired, motivated, and excited to move forward in your dreams to fulfill something joyfully important to you?  That’s Living Inspired. When you’re living inspired you are Answering Your Call to Action. You are called to move, to create, to engage and to live in a fuller capacity. When you are called to action […]

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