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Cosmic Coffee Break


Take your inner being to the outer limits! 

The Cosmic Coffee Break brings you quick, powerful ways to improve your life. Lumari channels the wisdom of the universe and leads you in beautiful meditations with music and blessing. She creates the sacred space where you can shift into higher levels consciousness – just by listening. Her teachings, guidance and meditations support your personal growth, spirituality, prosperity, fulfillment and success to help you flourish in all areas of your life. You can ignite your creativity, embrace your soul purpose, fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it! Listen to inspiring and illuminating interviews with authors, healers, speakers, leaders and coaches that will empower and guide your soul journey. Lumari shares the blessings of the Universe with wisdom teachings, guidance and meditations to help you Live Inspired. Make your coffee break a cosmic one.

The Cosmic Coffee Break Podcast: New Episodes MON WED FRI.

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