Magic Ta Da List 9 Uplift Our World

Get ready for part NINE of your TA-DA! List. Uplift Our World

Now, you’re embracing and playing in the final intention in your TA-DA! List. Every Intention, every focus and frequency moves you, heals you and supports your brilliance.

Now, you’re ready to move into the intention focus and frequency to Uplift Our World! TA-DA!

All of your gifts, every part of your journey also help to Uplift Our World! TA-DA! With your experiences, boosted and focused by this Magic TA-DA! List can can feel and know your life, soul purpose, love and joy are all a calling forth!  They are a calling forth, a source of inspiration and liberation to live to your highest and as you do, you Uplift Our World! TA-DA!

Every moment with your TA-DA! List holds frequencies, blessings and vibrations that really empower you to shine and share! When you share the brilliance of your gifts, inspiration, fulfillment, soul and life, you also Uplift Our World. You contribute in ways that go beyond your knowing and sending blessings to all. TA-DA!

The TA-DA! List for this cycle has 9 intentions and the vibes to carry them.

Now we’re ready to Uplift Our World that’s intention #9 on your TA-DA! List. This is the completion of your TA-DA! List cycle.

This intention to Uplift Our World! has it’s own Cosmic Coffee Break playlist of 3 episodes, supports and illuminates this intention Uplift Our World. It becomes a calling forth, a call to action and a truth! 

Here’s your TA-DA! List Uplift Our World  Cosmic Coffee Break playlist

Live Inspired

  1. Breathing Peace  Ease your spirit, relax your thoughts, uplift your spiritual energy and expand your full being. 
  2. Create A Bigger Vision – Lift your mind to your greater vision of what you see and who you are
  3. Sun’s Light – Experience these healing, freeing, uplifting and loving energies and receive great blessings.

Now you’re feeling and experiencing the flows, shifts and blessings of your TA-DA! List. It’s a whole other way of playing! Everyone has culminated in this episode. This episode is Uplift Our World.

Today’s episode is the completion of the TADA! List. With each Intention, focus and frequency YOU Play Bigger, Increase Wealth and Abundance, Boost Self Care and Wellness, Have Even More Fun, Smile More, Live Inspired, Enjoy Change, Share My Divine Connection and Uplift Our World. That is a miraculous, powerful and expansion way to play to fulfill your destiny and contribute in a blessed way!

NOW! This is your calling forth. We are here to Uplift Our World! TA-DA! That’s why you’re here! 

We are here to Uplift Our World! 

We are here to Uplift Our World! 

We are here to Uplift Our World!

Keep playing the Cosmic Coffee Break MAGIC TA-DA! List playlists and go into those magical vibes again. Share this whole series with your friends and loved ones so they can experience the MAGIC TA-DA! List. You can listen to them any time. You can go back into one of the powerful intentions and get even more blessings a, support and transformation!  You can listen to the whole series forever and each episode, each intention focus and frequency will expand. That’s how they’re designed.

When your life is moving forward, when you consciously participate in your transformation and enjoy change – what will you say? TA-DA!

And remember, The TA-DA! List magic! It’s not about your goal, it’s about your soul!