Breathing Purpose

Having purpose is having a sense of meaning, direction and contribution. You feel a strong sense of action to help to do good, to help in specific ways and to make a difference in our world.  You have motivation and direction that comes from your soul and being and guides you to fulfill yourself.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m guiding you in a meditation and wisdom teaching, Breathing Purpose, it will help you connect with your  purpose in life. 

I understand that this one wisdom teaching and meditation may not get you fully aware of your purpose. It will bring you into the vibration of it. It will open you to hear, notice and feel more connected with your calling in a very clear, repeatable way. Today, you can still get closer to your purpose and receive big benefits from this Breathing Purpose meditation. If you already know your purpose and calling this meditation will reinforce and support the optimal levels in your heart mind and being.