Beauty and Magic

Who are you in the beauty and magic of your life?

Beauty and Magic inspire us to open to new wonders and motivate us into levels of expansion and greatness. When you see and recognize beauty, it opens your centers to appreciation and a sense of revelation in the beauty outside you and your own beauty. When you experience Magic, you experience transformation. Each quality and frequency lift you to higher expressions and experiences of yourself and your connection to soul, spirit and life.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m guiding you in a meditation and wisdom teaching, Experience Your Beauty and Magic, to help you connect with your own Beauty and Magic. 

You do have a special Beauty and Magic that can lift, encourage and shine in your life. That’s what this episode and meditation is all about. Today, you can get closer to your Beauty and Magic from this Experience Your Beauty and Magic meditation. That is a blessing for you and a blessing for all of us!