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  • Your Daily Blessings

    Your Daily Blessings

    Would you like to experience the pure flow of blessings in your life, right now? Blessings are special gifts that you experience as more than nice things happening. They are gifts or love, beauty, wisdom, caring and joy. These gifts and blessings flow to you from other sources. They come from noticing your world and…

  • Create Clear Minded Focus

    Create Clear Minded Focus

    Get out of Thought Chaos and Discover your different thought expressions.Create Clear Minded Focus is meaningful practice helps you shift your thinking and attention in new and powerful ways. It’s the perfect time to discover, recognize and organize your ‘Thought Chaos.’ This helps you understand your ‘thought popcorn’ and get really clear in your mind…

  • Yes and No

    Yes and No

    Small choices can have big consequences and big choices can influence your life.We make over 35,000 choices a day. Most of these choices come down to “YES and NO.”By switching and elevating the meaning and power of your choices and decisions, your YES and NO, you can shift into a higher consciousness and brilliance, no…

  • Getting Into The Flow

    Getting Into The Flow

    You are here to express the brilliance of the universe through You! “Getting Into The Flow,” is creating an alignment with the 3 aspects of sacred energy: Soul Energy, Field Energy and Personal Creation Energy. This helps you to express the brilliance of the universe through You and through Your Divine Higher Purpose. In this…

  • Mother Earth Connection Meditation

    Mother Earth Connection Meditation

    Lumari’s Mother Earth Connection Meditation is a simple and profound practice to thank and bless Mother Earth, Gaia, with each step you take.Imagine walking anywhere and thanking and blessing Mother Earth with each step, and practicing the Mother Earth Connection Meditation.What if every step you take resonates with the earth and blesses Her.Can you feel…

  • Chocolate Meditation

    Chocolate Meditation

    Chocolate is artful and complex and satisfying. It evokes richness, joy, healing, depth and a sense of love. Lumari’s Chocolate Meditation bring that richness, creativity, joy and luxury into your life. Experience new possibilities, gifts, playfulness, blessings and laughter. Ah chocolate! With Lumari’s Chocolate Meditation you are already flowing with the flavors of a deeply…

  • Sparks of Divine Inspiration 1

    Sparks of Divine Inspiration 1

    Sparks Of Divine Inspiration are light-filled, channeled messages to awaken new energies, brilliance, vision, wisdom and joy in your life. Each quote, channeled by Lumari, brings you access to higher vibrations, wisdom and insight. This beautiful sequence of wisdom illuminates, heals, uplifts and open you to new ways of thinking and being. Here’s your Sparks…

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  • Magic Ta Da List 9 Uplift Our World

    Magic Ta Da List 9 Uplift Our World

    Get ready for part NINE of your TA-DA! List. Uplift Our World Now, you’re embracing and playing in the final intention in your TA-DA! List. Every Intention, every focus and frequency moves you, heals you and supports your brilliance. Now, you’re ready to move into the intention focus and frequency to Uplift Our World! TA-DA! All of your…

  • Magic Ta Da List 8 Share My Divine Connection

    Magic Ta Da List 8 Share My Divine Connection

    Get ready for part EIGHT of your TA-DA! List. Share My Divine ConnectionNow, you’re in a richer place in your TA-DA! List.  With each intention, focus and frequency you are becoming more of yourself. You play in all the frequencies and make the positive transformations to embrace your soul and purpose and sacred inspiration. You Play Bigger,…

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