Magic Ta Da List Enjoy Change

Get ready for part SEVEN of your TA-DA! List. Enjoy ChangeAs you go even deeper into your TA-DA! List powerful things start happening. You are shifting, growing and opening to more brilliance. It is all about change. You know everything keeps on changing and being open to change is sometimes challenging. With your TA-DA! List change unfolds in a beautifully positive way.

Your TA-DA! List is a very unique approach to creation and fulfilling your life and soul’s calling. The expansion, and transformation can be gradual, it can be accelerated and it can be magically stunning. Sometimes people have such profound experiences that it even feels miraculous. 

This TA-DA! List intention, focus and frequency is Enjoy Change. Change, evolution, transformation, growth, healing, creation all express change but, we don’t always Enjoy Change. This intention will help you enjoy it so that when life changes, when you change, you can enjoy the journey. 

The TA-DA! List for this cycle has 9 intentions and the vibes to carry them.

Now we’re ready to Enjoy Change that’s intention #7 on your TADA! List. 

This intention to Enjoy Change! has it’s own Cosmic Coffee Break playlist of 3 episodes, helps increase the vibrations and creation of this intention so you can understand, infuse and experience this intention in a blessed, elegant and powerful way that helps you Enjoy Change!

Here’s your TA-DA! List Enjoy Change  Cosmic Coffee Break playlist

Enjoy Change

  • Breathing Transformation  Shift your energy intentionally with Conscious Transformation!
  • Change is Already Here  Resonate to positive change, you create it in full participation! 
  • Prepare for Change. Open to Blessing – Align your intentions and energy to enjoy Change and make profound leaps in your life 

JOIN ME and let’s create a TA-DA! Community. I’m playing too! Keep playing the episodes, journal your experiences and take note of these shifts! Accelerate the frequencies, Enjoy Change and experience your move into Soul Synchronicity. 

Now you’re feeling and experiencing the flows, shifts and blessings of your TA-DA! List. It’s a whole other way of playing! This episode is about change. Yes, we know everything is changing and you have the opportunities with your TA-DA! List to play in Conscious Transformation. YUM! Enjoy Change.

And when your life is moving forward, when you consciously participate in your transformation and enjoy change – what will you say? TA-DA!

And remember, The TA-DA! List magic! It’s not about your goal, it’s about your soul!