Magic TA-DA List 5 Smile More

Get ready for part FIVE of your TA-DA! List. Smile MoreHow are you doing with your TA-DA! List? Are you seeing and feeling the shifts and transformations? Definitely be attentive to the changes, openings and positivity expanding in your life. 

In this Cosmic Coffee Break podcast mini-series, the Magical TA-DA List focuses on what you want to create and how you want to live, and it boosts the energies. Each part of the TA-DA List is an intention, focus and frequency to brings celebration, opportunities and shifts in awareness.

TA-DA! You got it! It’s not a To Do List, it’s a TA-DA! List! It’s not about your goal, it’s about your soul!

The TA-DA! List for this cycle has 9 intentions and the vibes to carry them.

Now we’re ready to Smile More that’s intention #5 on your TADA! List. 

When you smile more, you actually shift your energy to more joy. Your smile brings joy to you and to others at the same time. When you smile you experience more happiness emotionally and your physicality shifts into joy, too!

So, this next intention on our TA-DA! List is Smile More so as you listen to each episode get ready to smile and feel that beauty and expansion.

To make it even more fluid and fun, this TA-DA! List Intention, focus and frequency, Smile More has it’s own Cosmic Coffee Break playlist of 3 episodes, to bring the beauty, magic and joy into your life!  

Connect with the true beauty of your soul, your being and shine!

Here’s your TA-DA! List Smile More  Cosmic Coffee Break playlist

Smile More

  1. Breathing Beauty  Connect with the true beauty of your soul, your being and shine!
  2. Opening To Joy  Be Open to increase your creativity, healing, freedom and receive more joy in your life, today.
  3. Conscious Smiling – Immediately connect with more joy, laughter and fun in your life

JOIN ME and let’s create a TA-DA! Community. I’m playing too! .  Keep playing the episodes, journal your experiences and take note of these shifts! Accelerate the frequencies, to Smile More. And when your life is moving forward, when you feel the joy, blessings and love – what will you say? TA-DA!

And remember, The TA-DA! List magic! It’s not about your goal, it’s about your soul!