Magic Ta Da List 1 Play Bigger

It’s time for more fun when we create, move in new directions and live inspired!
Here’s my totally fun and evolutionary way of creating. I call it, the TA-DA! List.

The TA-DA List focuses on what you want to create with your highest vibrations and how you want to live, and it boosts the energies. It’s a celebration of fulfillment and success. TA-DA! You got it! 

Everyone who’s been in my Alawashka Gatherings knows about TA-DA! 

This is not a “To Do” List. It’s not about checking off the boxes, crossing things off the list of what you need To Do. 

It’s not about your goal, it’s about your soul!

The TADA! List creates with intention, focus and frequency. You can generate everything you want to achieve, create, receive, share, change and uplift in this cycle.

The TA-DA! List for this cycle has 9 intentions and the vibes to carry them.

The first intention, focus and frequency on our TA-DA! List is Play Bigger. 

TADA! When you Play Bigger, you connect and live from what I call, “the more of you.” You tap into your true soul and joy and freedom and then you expand into your greatness. 

To make it even more fluid and fun, each TA-DA! List Intention, focus and frequency has 3 Cosmic Coffee Break episodes, it’s own Cosmic Coffee Break playlist, to accelerate the magic and experience!  

Here’s your TA-DA! List Play Bigger  Cosmic Coffee Break playlist

Play Bigger

  • Breathing Strength – Strength empowers you with the focus, the energy and greater capacity
  • Catch and Release – Clear the way for your greatness
  • The Courage To Be You – Live courageously and embrace your life

JOIN ME and let’s create a TA-DA! Community. I’m playing too! When you Play Bigger, amazing opportunities flow to you!

And when your life is moving forward, when you feel the joy, healing and love – what will you say? TA-DA!