Celebrating the Night – Night Meditations

Now you are a witness to the beauty, magic and sacred energies of the night.

You can make a deeper connection to the light and darkness that blesses the night skies and open to a greater sense of stillness, connection, gratitude and beauty. You can celebrate the expansion of night and your own spiritual expansion, as well. All of these meditations and practices help you to feel more centered, calm and at peace within yourself and with your connection to the Divine. 

Look at the night skies and be open to the flow and inspiration this beauty contains. You are part of the deepening cycles of quiet blessings. These creative and simple practices will help you tap into a deeper place of being and nourish your inner self with the open vistas of night skies.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in the Night Meditations  and you can simply breathe in the sacred energies of the Silence of Stars.  This beautiful, watchful meditation can take you to deeper realms of calm and connection to spirit.

Do this mediation at night, in the dark and embrace silence with inner reflection, appreciation and gratitude for the gifts in your life.