Breathing Peace

Are you ready to move into a space of inner peace? 

Would you like to experience peace, pure, quiet and spacious peace right now?

Peace seems to be very elusive in our world and when you come down to it, it is one of the most appreciated qualities of life. While our world can feel like it’s filled with turmoil, when you have peace your dreams and visions are more possible.

If you can create inner-peace, then whatever is going on around you will not scatter your energy, distract your focus or create static in your well-being.

Peace is a state of calm and ease. It holds a gentle focus where you can be yourself. It’s calm, easy, gentle and strong. Your beauty, love, wisdom, compassion, awareness and light all radiate from your inner peace.

Join us right now, and move into a space of inner peace. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in the Breathing Peace meditation. This meditation will ease your spirit, relax your thoughts and bring you serenity. Do this meditation any time to ease stress, uplift your spiritual energy and expand your full being.