Breathing Joy

Do you understand the power of real joy?

Joy lifts us into our higher selves. Joy expands your personal connection with the Divine. 

With JOY, you feel the light giggling inside you. Joy brings appreciation, light-heartedness and a sense of readiness. You are ready to smile, to laugh, to sing, to explore, to dance, to awaken and to share. Joy is calming. Joy is exhilarating. Joy is awakening. Joy is being at peace. Joy is love. 

Personally, I think the universe was created through laughter. There was no Big Bang. The Goddess laughed and the Universe was created! The Universe is created through the Laughter of the Goddess.

Do you have a moment to uplift your mood and move into a greater sense of joy? 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in the Breathing JOY meditation. This meditation will lift your spirits, expand your awareness and increase your joy.