Inspired Action List

There are different ways to think about inspiration. You can wait for inspiration to happen or you can actively pursue inspiration and embrace it in your life. 

One fabulous way to actively pursue your own inspiration is to make an Inspired Action list. Lumari developed this list to help you live inspired – every day.

To guide you to actively pursue inspiration, Lumari shares powerful questions to help you uncover what inspires you. Then she guides you to create your Inspired Action List so you can tap into the things that light you up and take actions that help you shine.

Tangled Money Energies

Your Money Karma influences all areas of your life, your business, wealth, success, health, relationships, love and personal development and your capacity to grow and shine. When you heal your money karma, you are freed to live your soul purpose, attain personal growth, boost your health, increase your wealth and prosperity and achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break Lumari reveals how to recognize your Tangled Money Energies.Her special guided meditation, visualization and affirmation, helps you unwind the tangled money energies and increase your joy, happiness, freedom, prosperity, health and healing, spirituality, personal growth and transformation.

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!

How to Overcome Resistance

Resistance is always present and it’s everywhere. There’s something in the way. You feel slow, stuck and probably annoyed. You can’t get there from here. That’s resistance. What if you could distinguish the different types of resistance so you could move forward with greater freedom and success? That would make a huge difference in your life.

Lumari shares very powerful and life-changing distinctions about resistance so you can have direct, informed and empowered influence on resistance in your life. She reveals the THREE STEPS TO OVERCOME RESISTANCES so you can live your purpose and live inspired. 

That will help you make profound leaps in your life, while you contribute to the ones you love and to our world.

Living Inspired is Life Changing

Has your life been changed by Inspiration?

Inspiration is a life-altering experience and can guide you to a new awareness. When you experience true inspiration, your life shifts into a higher expression. 

Inspiration is not only for Artists, Innovators, Inventors, Makers and Creators.

Inspiration is a life changing experience that lifts you up, gives you a new perspective, lets you feel and know something brilliant.

True Inspiration has the real capacity to open your heart and change our world. 

You can experience inspiration every day and inspiration can be an active part of your life. That’s Living Inspired.

When you’re Living Inspired you’re centered in a unique, caring view that goes beyond what is simply present. You have vision of greater possibilities. Living Inspired is living your life from the power, joy and Divine connection of what truly inspires you. When you are Living inspired, your life is filled with purpose and connection. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari shares her Wisdom Teachings about how Living Inspired is Life-Changing

You will gain an inspired and empowered perspective of your own life and increase your joy and possibilities.

Finding Your Inspiration

Are your ready to find your Inspiration? Inspiration is a true gift from the Divine and the guidance, energy and direction from inspiration can lead you to a greater place in your life and help create a better world. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari explores the deeper meaning and energy of Inspiration and guides you in a Living Inspired meditation so you can connect with your greater joy, purpose and fulfillment and live inspired.

Money Karma Thinking

Your Money Karma influences your life, your business, wealth, success, health, relationships, love and personal development. Today, Lumari talks about Money Karma and what you can do, to quickly and easily shift into a clear, spiritual space to create positive energy and attract wealth, prosperity and success.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Discover new teachings and a special Money Karma technique to clear and empower your thinking and reactions to the negative patterns that money has in your life. 

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!