Marcy Neumann

Marcy Neumann shares about her HeartShifting process, to reveal new ways to understand your heart and thoughts to create a love filled life. 

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In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Create a shifting of your heart and your thoughts 
  • Love yourself and Love your life
  • Shift your heart, Shift your thoughts and Shift your life
  • messages of love that transform lives
  • more about the journey of Forgiveness and Self Love

Marcy Neumann is a life and spiritual coach, specifically The HeartShift Coach. She is an expert on manifestation and transformational energies.

Marcy helps people struggling with change. The heart wants one thing. The head fights it. Marcy’s HeartShifting process is about making sure these two things are on the same page and working together. She helps identify resistance and teaches the process of shifting your heart and your thoughts and that leads to the ultimate reward…loving YOU and loving your life!

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