Speaking the Language of the Universe

Therese Rowley

Therese Rowley shares insight and experience creating Accelerated Alignment methods to enhance consciousness and personal power coming from inner purpose to make your decisions in our world.

Sharing Wisdom:

  • Speaking the Language of the Universe 
  • Expressing your creative purpose through our humanity, personal lives, and work
  • Intuitive Decision Making

In This Episode You Will Learn

PODCAST Practice: Welcoming Grace

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Therese‘s book, “Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence” and her videos on Intuition as an Intelligence offer a conceptual landscape for furthering consciousness and intuitive development

Therese Rowley, Ph.D., has a passion for strategically connecting and supporting conscious business and social enterprise leaders through personal and organizational transformation so they operate in full power, high energy and clear focus. She founded The Conscious Business Network™ in 2008 to engage thought leaders and conscious business colleagues in heartfelt dialogue to make meaning out of new models and emerging paradigms that shape a more conscious global marketplace.

As CEO of Accelerated Alignment, she uses groundbreaking approaches and intuitive intelligence to bring profound insight and to reveal the impact of hidden data and uncontrollable variables. She partners with leaders to innovate, activate and engage their organizational constituents, resulting in mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, social impact and revenue generation. Therese is an author, speaker, skilled intuitive, business consultant and innovative educator who accelerates client transformation. Her methods align purpose with action, and include individual and organizational systems assessment, energetic realignment and healing that support rich outcomes.