Who Are You

I love great questions. Give me a great question and I’m already in joy and expansion. A great question leads you to discovery, wisdom, illumination and inspiration. 

My question for you is “Who Are You?” 

Who Are You?” What turns you on? What inspires you? What leads you forward in your life?

In the next few episodes of Cosmic Coffee Break, we are going to have some wild fun. We’re going to work with anthems. Your anthem is a song that inspires you to pay attention to who you are and how you show up in your life and our world. It motivates and helps you stand for what is highest and best in you. 

Take the time to listen to this series of podcasts, each with it’s own anthem, meditation and vibration to lift you up, share your brilliance and celebrate your soul and your purpose. It’s time to stand in your fullness. Listen to this meditation and anthem every day for a full week and see the difference it makes!

Lighten Up

Lighten Up

This is a unique moment and the power is in our hands. We are here now and this is so important. It’s our planet, our lives and our cosmic future we’re creating.

Take a little time to lighten up and feel your heart, joy and freedom expand. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m bringing in more love, light and joy for everyone! I’m guiding you in a meditation and wisdom teaching, the Lighten Up Activation, to help you receive love, light and blessing. As you know, in each episode I am sending high vibrations that resonate to expand your true being and help guide your journey to your own highest expression. AND to have fun doing it.

This wisdom teaching and visualization will bring you into the vibration of your light. It will open you to share light and blessings.

So join me in this beautiful episode to activate, bless, open, reinforce, reconnect and support the optimal levels in your life and our world.