Answering Your Call to Action 1

Are you inspired, motivated, and excited to move forward in your dreams to fulfill something joyfully important to you? 

That’s Living Inspired. When you’re living inspired you are Answering Your Call to Action. You are called to move, to create, to engage and to live in a fuller capacity. When you are called to action from the space of Living Inspired, you feel joy and exuberance. You are called forward onto the clear path to your vision, self-expression, service and your dreams.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m sharing a special practice, Answering Your Call to Action Part 1, that’s a fun and powerful way to begin Answering Your Call to Action. Get ready to feel and experience the joy, freedom and fulfillment of Living Inspired. 

Resonating With the Sun

Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse is a perfect time to resonate with the sun, and acknowledge the Sun’s physical, metaphysical and vibrational gifts. It’s time to let all things come into greater awareness in the light. You can bring more light and energy into your life when you sync up with the cycles of our world.


Would you like to experience more generosity, openness and opportunity right now? Generosity gives more love, space and understanding. Generosity can change the people around you and change our world. And Generosity brings you more gifts and opportunities in your own life.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in this Breathing Generositymeditation. This meditation will ease your spirit, open your heart and bring you gifts and grace from all directions.