Suns Light

When you open to the gifts of the Sun you can bring new energy, spiritual connection, joy and success to your work and your life. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in light-filled visualization to lift your own energy to the next beneficial levels so you can gracefully move into a clear path for your joy, fulfillment and success

The Sun’s light visualization connects you with the powers of the Sun so the sun is brings you a greater sense of well-being, joy, healing and spiritual connection.  Then we are going to send these healing, freeing, uplifting and loving energies to our world.

Sending this Sun’s Light Blessing to everyone who is ready to open to it, will send great blessings into our world. Imagine the light you can embody and share.

Solar Power

The Sun represents spiritual intelligence and the Creator. It really shines a light on things and illuminates them physically, metaphysically and spiritually. Connecting with the Sun spiritually, vibrationally can give you the strength, joy and courage to really be yourself and shine. 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in a special practice to SOLAR POWER – YOUR TIME TO SHINE, that will help you connect with the brilliance of the Sun to bless, reveal and celebrate your light.