Dream Stalkers

Do you ever feel stuck? Do you ever feel that something is blocking in your way? You know, the people who try to destroy your joy and dreams, who dismiss your ideas or downplay your success. These are Dream Stalkers the Large, Looming Beasts that inhibit your self-expression, deplete your clear energy and diminish your […]

Body Wisdom and Healing

Celebrate your health and increase the good health in your life. Lumari shares very special healing energy with you to increase the health and vitality in your life. Discover the 2 tips that will help you understand the signals your body is sending you. Lumari includes special wisdom, tips and very effective and quick healing […]

Just Say Yes

It’s really important to BE IN THE YES. This is a very exalted state of being. It is appreciation, openness, joy and willingness to play and participate. Get ready to have some fun, challenge your negativity and delight in the uplifting flow. When you are in the YES, your life will be an affirmation. You […]

Creating Harmony

Imagine your life as a symphony of harmony. Harmony is a state where everything blends together while honoring each unique voice. When you live in greater harmony, you blend the colors, the notes, and the qualities in your life. All of the different aspects of your life complement each other to become a greater whole.  […]

Increase Abundance In Your Life

You can increase the abundance in your life so it comes from everywhere and all directions. Lumari reveals two sacred teachings about abundance, so you can create a rich attraction of more prosperity, wealth, opportunity and plenty in your life. Abundance is the fluid response of bounty and no one does it better here on […]

Blessing Your Life

Do you want to increase goodness and blessings in your life and our world? Blessings are the flow of support and generosity that embrace your life. Lumari teaches and shares three words and practices to increase the power and flow of blessings in your life Blessings are the flow of pure support and generosity that […]

Let Go of Stress

Don’t obsess. Let go of the stress. When you let go of stress, you increase your health, well-being, creativity, productivity, spiritual connection and radiant energy.  Our lives are filled with hidden stresses that can undermine your focus, grace and ease. When you need a quick de-stresser, you need an easy way to relax and let […]

Accentuate the Positive

Today Lumari shares insights into positive thinking and energy that will uplift and transform your thinking and your life. When you combine Positive Thinking and Positive Translations you will attract and hold good energy, wonderful circumstances, and a true sense of inner joy. Positive Thinking increases your personal growth, engages your soul purpose, expands your […]

Open To Joy

Open To Joy Release the blocks and Open to more Joy in your life. When you want to fulfill your dreams, you can encounter real obstacles in your way that limit your joy, freedom and self-expression. Your life purpose thrives of joy. Your personal growth expands with joy. Your healing flourishes in joy. Wealth and […]